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Service Dogs for physical handicap 

What kind of service dog?


We train dogs for psychiatric and physical disabilities

Service dog certification includes insurance. I service dogs in Orange County and Los Angeles. I can locate a dog for you from the local animal shelter or train your dog if they qualify to meet the standards. I train dogs for our handicapped military veterans and civilians. I require a phone call to discuss what the programs are for service dogs being everyone is different in needs. I train the dog and improve the dogs ability to perform the tasks. Than I work with you one-on-one at  your home and in public to create a bond with the dog. The dog will eventually live with you and I will make home visits to continue training the dog at your home to make that special bond and communication with the dog.

All my service dogs are insured and certified by me. the insurance is a $25,000 policy for your dog. I supply patches, card and certification once the dog proves to be reliable to do the task. 

USMC Veteran

Client testimony after service dog training

Service dogs being trained

My daughter helping train service dogs for service dog certification

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