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David Utter provides dog board & train with private lessons. Dog behaviorist aggression expert & certified dog trainer. All behaviors accepted in programs. 

Dog Behaviorist Orange County & Aggression Rehabilitation

The best dog behaviorist Orange County has to offer with 30 years experience in aggression rehabilitation and other behavior problems. Providing dog aggression modification, puppy programs, dog obedience & service dogs. Offering dog board and train including private lessons in Orange County, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Irvine, Tustin, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Brea, Yorba Linda & Orange. Voted CBS News Best Dog Training School 2014.

Dog Obedience

Bring your dog to board and train with me at my beautiful estate. I can make your dog a champion dog that will obey in every environment. I teach you what I teach the dogs to retain the high quality of training. As a certified dog trainer & dog behaviorist my training will teach the owner and dog to work together. 30 years experience training dogs for rescues and dog owners located in Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Mission Viejo, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Santa Ana, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente & San Juan Capistrano.

Public Figures

Natasha Bedingfield song writer and singer. Dog training with her son. Good people inside and out I am blessed to do what I love. I work with many public figures and billionaires that have trusted my experience and client privacy. Private lessons are available at the client location in Los Angeles and Orange County. Public figures know me as the best dog trainer & dog behaviorist.

Dog Aggression Rehabilitation Modification

Dog aggression rehabilitation & behavior modification techniques before and after results in the first lesson. David Utter demonstrates with his certified proprietary dog training methods of 30 years. As seen on CBS News Best Dog Training School 2014. Also seen in KTLA5 David demonstrating his methods. Public figure expert witness for TMZ Fox and Inside Edition.  Call for a consultation from a certified dog trainer & dog behaviorist.


Orange County Sherrif Donald Barnes 
 K-9 Fundraiser Training Exhibition

Dog Training


Professional standards and nothing less. We care about your dog. Programs offered for all breeds and ages. Puppy programs are for your specific dog. Knowing all dogs mature at different rates. Each puppy has a unique timeline. Dog breed and age is a contributing factor. Conatct us for a consultation. Dog board and train program at our beautiful estate in Orange County. Your dog lives in the comfort of a luxurious home. Climate controlled rooms and healthy snacks. Sanitary beds off the floor. Focused private dog training lessons at your home or any location. Specific behaviors are worked on with packs of dogs or alone as needed.

Board and train programs average 2 to 3 weeks. All dog owners attend private lessons with their dog during the board and train. The knowledge transfer must be learned to guarantee the dog retains the information. Support for our customers after board and train continues. We don't like to see a dog regress in behavior. Obedience training is all done with distractions to make your dog safe in the real world. Service dogs are trained for a variety of tasks on the job. Our service dog training includes certification with an insurance policy for your dog. Renowned for modifying dog aggression our knowledge of dog aggression sets the standard. We are the leaders in dog aggression.

David Utter was certified by a marquise title holder. Dog Evolution Inc. is currently incorporated and insured. Servicing all dogs in Orange County & Los Angeles California. Specializing in family pets, puppy house training, service dogs, therapy, military, police, hunting and search and rescue dogs of all breeds. 

All videos seen are not edited with several commands given one after the other. No tricks with food or toys are used to motivate the dogs. Direct communication not manipulation. 

Dog training is about creating a balance between dogs and people. A healthy mind has “Logic” & “Emotions” equally balanced, looking at the root of dog behavior, and balancing the brain to create mental peace. Because something feels good does not make it right! Since when do feelings make a good coach? A proven system with decades of data may not feel good. But we are working with a dog not a human. If humans could feel and think like dogs their dogs would be very well behaved. When a dog is out of balance the behavior can be aggression, fear, anxiety and hyperactivity. When a dog owner is out of balance their energy transmits to the dog. Dog psychology is different than human psychology. People react differently to life than dogs. How we communicate to a dog depends on our ability to understand dogs. Dog and human emotions are not always matched as the same interpretation. Thinking for your dog is not a good idea. Regardless of breed and working purpose, military, police, family pet, hunting or service dog, the psychology remains the same. 

Dog trainers fall either too far to the emotional side or the logical side in technique. I see the food training techniques fail when using operant or counter conditioning with strong minded dogs. Especially off leash, food training will not make your dog safe or reliable. Operant and counter conditioning work best when the handler is the motivation, not the food. The other extreme is old school dog trainers that rely on the Pavlov theory of pain infliction as a motivation in classical conditioning. Pain training is creating a robot, a fearful dog that loses its instincts to think independently to survive. 

Methods used by trainers. When looking for a dog trainer you have to ask questions what qualifies the dog trainer and their methods. Is the dog training method used recognized internationally and used by government, obedience competitions and private agencies for emergency situations? Most commercialized methods seen at pet stores are not proven methods and are scientifically proven to fail in an emergency situation. Look at the ratings for pet stores and most of the ratings are 3 stars. Most commercialized pet stores have a two week dog training program requiring no experience. The curriculum is written by the pet store and concentrates on sales. The trainers cannot and have not won any off leash dog obedience competitions nationally or internationally. Furthermore, the pet stores and many trainers are not hired to train military, police and service dogs for the handicapped. Ever wonder why? The methods they use hand feeding and clickers are scientifically proven to fail. Hand feeding is not a new scientifically proven method. There is no need to rethink what nature created. The food feeders rely on propaganda playing on emotions. 

Dog Evolution training system creates a thinking dog that follows the handlers rules based on a relationship with the owner. The standard of a trained dog is much higher at Dog Evolution than the majority of training certifications, schools, pet stores and private trainers. My client with a PhD in animal psychology that is the director of the laboratory within the University of California system, had an aggressive dog. After successfully rehabilitating the dog, we discussed what the university has discovered about mammals.

Dogs and many other mammals form packs with alpha, gamma and beta structures, regardless of domesticating and breeding the animals over 100 times. The mammals all return to a wild behavior, identical to the wild born species, within a week of being introduced back into the wild. DNA polymorphisms (DNA changes) took place over 50 million years ago. Our domestic dogs have been with humans for about 32,000 years starting in Europe. Most domestic dogs are relatives to the ancient wolf, not the modern wolf. This is why your domestic dog desires to chase a rabbit or squirrel and bite its head off given the chance. The time line of DNA 32,000 years ago is nothing compared to 50 to 150,000 million years of mammals existing. Carnivore behavior cannot be erased nor can you raise your dog like a human baby and treat the dog as a living teddy bear. Domestic dogs have an omnivore diet (mixed meat and vegetables). However, the dogs genetics have not adapted to this diet. Their teeth are sharp and the intestines are short. Physically proving the genetics are still that of a carnivore. 

Creating a dog pack is part of the instincts of domestic canines. Dogs do realize we are not dogs. We stand upright and do not have ears like dogs. But, dogs do realize when we can speak their language and bond as a pack. Humans cannot replicate all dog language because of our physical differences. My training is about teaching dog owners how not to confuse their dogs and to speak dog to the best of our abilities. 

Domestic dogs do have a carry over of DNA from their ancient wolf ancestors. Domestic dogs we cannot compare identically to the ancient wolf. But we can see many genetic similarities. 

Philosophy and experience. Good dog training recognizes dogs have different personalities. Relying on one technique to correct behavior problems is not realistic. Each dog can react differently to each method. There is a common psychological thought process in dogs of all sizes and breeds. However, in my past 30 years of dog training in Los Angeles and Orange County, I have adjusted my approach to capitalize on the dogs strengths and improve weakness. I have developed my own style over the years testing my methods with many dog breeds, ages and sizes.I have worked with dog training in Orange County and Los Angeles since 1989 as a professional. I have experimented and tested every technique available with many dogs of all sizes and breeds. Some of the dog training today is simple “political correctness” and not proven to work with highly difficult dogs. 

Many of my clients have tried to rehabilitate their dogs using the latest modern methods of most dog behaviorist and failed. The modern method of food feeding is not modern, new and scientifically proven, as the trainers claim it to be. Food feeding training has been around for well over several hundred years. In the circus, lions and tigers perform tricks with food reward. However, lions and tigers are not used as service animals and do not bond with humans like dogs. I do not use food training because dogs will respect the food and not the dog owner. Food training is a manipulation not a behavioral change. Standing next to the dog, micromanaging your dog with food, is not a trained dog. We do not stand over an employee at work and micromanage with candy. This is not productive. This method is certainly not productive or safe off leash with a dog at a distance. 

Professionally trained dogs, such as seeing-eye-dogs, do not receive food after walking their blind dog owners across the street. This is also true of search and rescue dogs and police dogs in life threatening situations. A dog handler cannot throw a dog treat into the water to redirect a dog swimming. 

My dog training methods do not require a shock collar, clicker, spray bottle, or a special leash or harness constricting the dogs ability to do as the dog pleases. I use love and affection to praise the dog, motivating good behavior.I provide private dog training and boot camp in all cities in Los Angeles (West Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Long Beach & Central Los Angeles) and Orange County (Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo, Irvine, Aliso Viejo, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach). Insured and registered corporation  

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