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Train and board your dog with me and your dog will travel to many destinations as I work. Your dog will have a beautiful estate home environment to sleep and learn house rules.  We travel to beaches, commercial centers, trails, buildings, schools, parks and client homes with more dogs. This gives your dog a full spectrum of changing conditions to learn to obey in the most challenging locations. Car transportation is with a large air conditioned truck.

Dogs live in a comfortable luxurious estate with climate controlled rooms. Dogs sleep in large 4 X 8 foot dog pens. Beds are off the floor for sanitization and comfort. There is always a kennel attendant on the property. Water refills and food are on a schedule. If your dog is on a special diet or medication we can administer your dogs food and medications. 


I also include private lessons during dog boarding and training to teach the owner what I learned. Followup dog training after board and train boot camp is continued to guarantee a high success rate, Ask about our packages to learn what we offer. I continue to work with you as needed. 

Training the owner can be as important as training the dog. Usually dogs are trained for 2 - 3 weeks on average. First we have a private consultation lesson to understand the dog and owners needs. Than we can discuss programs for the desired result. I am a licensed and insured corporation.

  • Dog Aggression Rehabilitation
  • Basic Obedience (Sit, down, stay, come, look, gentle, quiet, off, no jumping, play, potty, walk at side & curb a door)
  • Intermediate Obedience (Begin Off-leash)
  • Off-leash training
  • Behavior modification
  • Puppy training
  • Service and therapy dog training

Specific Behavior Modification


Starting early with a puppy is better than later. Many dogs need house potty training, excessive play biting, barking, leash pulling, refusing to walk on a leash, jumping and coming to the handler on command. 

Anxiety and excessive barking and scratching may require a board and train program because of the level of skill and time needed to correct the problem.

Aggression can be beyond the dog handlers knowledge and risk level to work with the dog. I am one of the few qualified dog training experts in dog aggression. I have developed techniques that are unique only to my training system with the fastest results. I certify the dog trainer!

Check-list needed for dog boarding boot camp:

  1. Puppy must be at least 10 weeks old with first set of shots. Puppies do not leave the facility for training unles they have second set of shots.
  2. Dog cannot be sick. All physcial conditions must be filled out in our boarding contract. 
  3. Dogs do not need to be neutered or spayed. Females cannot be in heat.
  4.  You supply food. Changing food can cause stress to the dog.
  5. A properly fit martingale collar or chain collar. A harness is recommended for small dogs or dogs with tracea problems. Harness must be made of strong nylon straps and not be able to slip off. 
  6. A 4 to 6 foot leash that is non retractable.
  7. Signed board and train contract.
  8. We accept cash, check and credit cards. 



Dog training aggression can be dangerous and requires a seasoned expert. Sometimes dog boarding is the safest program when the dog is aggressive. We do not use a shock collar to modify dog aggression. Dogs will in many cases become more aggressive or develop anxiety and fear from a shock collar. 

My methods are based on patterns and body language. All movements mean something to a dog. Vocal tones and touch combined with patterns create the body language. I am the true master dog trainer that understands why a dog became aggressive. 

I keep your dog safe away from the other dogs when sleeping and eating. I know when and how to introduce your dog to my personal dogs. Pack psychology works better than trusting one human. I evolve the pack adding new members slowly creating a unity that has rules. Aggressive dogs are dangerous and we cannot work with the dog in public using your neighbors or their dogs as test subjects. 

Severe Dog Aggression

My dog  training behaviorist techniques are the highest standard in the industry. Servicing Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside. Private lessons and dog boarding and dog training as seen in the video.

Bi-lingual lesson after two week board & train.

Two German Shepherd's follow-up lesson after a two week dog boarding & training. Bi-lingual training German & English. We offer dog training command's in German, English and Spanish. 

A higher standard of training

Dog boarding & dog training my clients dog to stop pulling the leash and chasing cars. I decided to teach the dog to dance.

Off Leash Training

Off leash dog training with a Weimaraner dog in Costa Mesa. You can train with me beginer, intermediate or advanced levels.

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